Abstracts and Papers due:
July 21st, 2007

Notification of acceptance due:
August 21st, 2007

Camera-ready copy due:
August 29th, 2007

  Nov. 9, 2007

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9th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management 

November 9, 2007
Lisboa, Portugal

In conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Knowledge and Information Management
(CIKM 2007)
Sponsored by ACM SIGIR and SIGWEB

ACCEPTED PAPERS (in no particular order)
Ergin Elmacioglu, Min-Yen Kan, Dongwon Lee and Yi Zhang. 
Web Based Linkage

Hisashi Kurasawa, Hiromi Wakaki, Atsuhiro Takasu and Jun Adachi. 
Data Allocation Scheme Based on Term Weight for P2P Information Retrieval

Zhijie Ban. 
An Online PPM Prediction Model for Web prefetching

Anne Schuth, Maarten Marx and Maarten de Rijke. 
Extracting the Discussion Structure in Comments on News-Articles                

Meiqun HU, Ee-Peng Lim, Aixin Sun, Hady W. Lauw and Ba-Quy Vuong. 
On Improving Wikipedia Search using Article Quality

Alexandre Gomes Lages, Flavia C. Delicato, Paulo F. Pires and Luci Pirmez. 
SATYA: A Reputation-based Approach for Service Discovery and Selection in Service Oriented Architectures

John Gibson, Susan Lubar and Ben Wellner. 
Adaptive Web-page Content Identification

Jorge Coelho and Mario Florido. 
XCentric: Logic Programming for XML Processing

Sergio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro and Gabriel David. 
Using Neighbors to Date Web Documents

Serge Abiteboul and Bogdan Marinoiu. 
Distributed Monitoring of Peer to Peer Systems

Royi Ronen and Oded Shmueli. 
Evaluation of Datalog Extended with an XPath Predicate

Alexander Vinson, Carlos A. Heuser, Altigran Silva and Edleno Silva de Moura. 
An approach to XML path matching

Anastasios Gounaris, Christos Yfoulis, Rizos Sakellariou and Marios Dikaiakos. 
Self-optimizing Block Transfer in Web Service Grids

Jongwuk Lee, Gae-won You, Seung-won Hwang and Ik-chan Sohn. 
Supporting Personalized Top-k Skyline Queries in High-dimensional Web Data

Satoshi Nakamura, Takehiko Yamamoto and Katsumi Tanaka. 
Toward Editable Web Browser: Edit-and-Propagate Operation for Web Browsing

ikumi horie, Kazunori Yamaguchi and Kenji Kashiwabara. 
Pattern Detection from Web using AFA Set Theory

Adam Jatowt, Yukiko Kawai and Katsumi Tanaka. 
Detecting Age of Page Content

Theodore Dalamagas, Panagiotis Bouros, Theodore Galanis, Magdalini Eirinaki and Timos Sellis. 
Mining User Navigation Patterns for Personalizing Topic Directories

Filipe Mesquita, Denilson Barbosa, Eli Cortez and Altigran Silva. 
FleDEx: Flexible Data Exchange

Mauricio Marin and Carlos Gomez. Load Balancing Distributed Inverted Files