Coling 2008 workshop on human judgements in Computational Linguistics

Manchester, 23 August 2008

In connection with Coling 2008, the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics
18-22 August 2008

Workshop Programme

Location: University of Manchester, Alan Turning building, room G205

Saturday, 23 August 2008
9:20–9:30Introduction: Frank Keller [slides]
9:30–10:30Invited Talk: The Relevance of a Cognitive Model of the Mental Lexicon to Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation [slides] [paper]
Martha Palmer and Susan Brown
11:00–11:30Analyzing Disagreements [slides] [paper]
Beata Beigman Klebanov, Eyal Beigman and Daniel Diermeier
11:30–12:00Exploiting ‘Subjective’ Annotations [slides] [paper]
Dennis Reidsma and Rieks Op den Akker
12:00–12:30Human Judgement as a Parameter in Evaluation Campaigns [slides] [paper]
Jean-Baptiste Berthelin, Cyril Grouin, Martine Hurault-Plantet and Patrick Paroubek
14:00–14:30Native Judgments of Non-Native Usage: Experiments in Preposition Error Detection [slides] [paper]
Joel Tetreault and Martin Chodorow
14:30–15:00Polysemy in Verbs: Systematic Relations between Senses and their Effect on Annotation [slides] [paper]
Anna Rumshisky and Olga Batiukova
15:00–15:30Eliciting Subjectivity and Polarity Judgements on Word Senses [slides] [paper]
Fangzhong Su and Katja Markert
16:00–16:30Human Judgements in Parallel Treebank Alignment [slides] [paper]
Martin Volk, Torsten Marek and Yvonne Samuelsson
16:30–17:00An Agreement Measure for Determining Inter-Annotator Reliability of Human Judgements on Affective Text [slides] [paper]
Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, Anupam Basu and Pabitra Mitra

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