NIPS 2016

Saturday 10 December 2016
Room 114, CCIB
Barcelona, Spain



Presenters and Papers

Invited Speakers' Abstracts

Artificial Intelligence for Data Science


Time Event
9:00 Welcome and setup
9:10 Tom Dietterich - Oregon State University
Automated Data Cleaning via Multi-View Anomaly Detection
9:50 Isabel Valera and Zoubin Ghahramani
Automatic Discovery of the Statistical Types of Variables in a Dataset
10:10 *Poster spotlights
10:30 Coffee break and posters
11:00 Christian Steinruecken - University of Cambridge
Automated Model Construction and The Automated Statistician
11:40 David Janz, Brooks Paige, Tom Rainforth, Jan-Willem van de Meent, Frank Wood.
Probabilistic structure discovery in time series data
12:00 Lunch and posters
14:00 Carlos Guestrin - University of Washington
Why should I trust you? Explaining the predictions of machine-learning models
14:40 Richard Lippmann, William Campbell, Joseph Campbell.
An Overview of the DARPA Data Driven Discovery of Models (D3M) Program
15:00 Coffee break and posters
15:30 Frank Hutter - University of Freiburg
Advances and Challenges in Automated Machine Learning: Blackbox Optimization and Beyond
16:10 Kristin Bennett, John Erickson, Hannah De Los Santos, Evan Patton, John Sheehan, Deborah McGuinness.
Data Analytics as Data: A Semantic Workflow Approach
16:30 Lidia Contreras-Ochando, Fernando Martínez-Plumed, Cesar Ferri, Jose Hernandez-Orallo, Maria Jose Ramirez-Quintana.
General-Purpose Inductive Programming for Data Wrangling Automation
16:50 Wrap up
17:00 End

*Poster Spotlights